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Boss Fight Studio

BUILD. PLAY. COLLECT. REPEAT. We design highly articulated action figures for toy lovers and collectors.

Our creations bring play to life, animated in our original line of fantasy, mythology, and zombie figures. We also produce our unique take on a number of licensed brands, ranging from cartoons to comic books. Enter the world of Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. now or learn more about our licensed products including iconic brands Tarzan, Zorro, and Sam & Max.

Our Action Figures

Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S

The Highly Articulated Character Kit System (H.A.C.K.S) has revolutionized action-figure design and customization. Our figures, with uniquely designed proprietary connections, can be pulled apart at specific joints and reassembled into countless different ways. Learn more

Our Licensed Brands

Sam & Max

The self-appointed “Freelance Police,” Sam & Max are the stars of video games, comics, and an animated TV series. These roguish scamps doling out swift, blunt-force justice are now available as posable action figures you never realized you needed.

The Umbrella Academy

Stand by for the exciting new line from Boss Fight Studio featuring the “dysfunctional family” you know and love. These posable action figures based on the hit Netflix series The Umbrella Academy are coming soon!

Bucky O'Hare

He goes where no ordinary rabbit would dare. And now Bucky O’Hare and the crew of The Righteous Indignation return with brand new super-articulated action figures from Boss Fight Studio—let’s croak us some toads!


Lucha Libre

The over-the-top excitement Legends of Lucha Libre have come to Boss Fight Studio with our first wave of figures and accessories! Now you can relive your favorite Lucha Libre matches with the Lucha Brothers.


The detailed, fully-articulated Zorro figure is ready for action and the Don Diego de la Vega head is included for unmasked play. Parts are interchangable from a wide range of H.A.C.K.S figures and accessories. 


Straight from the iconic Edgar Rice Burroughs novels Tarzan comes alive, ready for adventure. This beloved character is completely poseable for trekking through the jungle and swinging through the trees.

Our Dolls

Coming Soon

I am Brilliance

Fun and inspirational, I Am Brilliance is our line of 6-inch action dolls for girls of all ages. They are designed to open the world of professional possibilities to girls. We hope to encourage our girls to dream bigger and broader.