It’s our 8th birthday, and here’s how we’re celebrating…

The Freelance Police, stars of video games, comics, and an animated TV series, are back—expanding their action figure line from Boss Fight Studio. 

Saturday March 13 was Boss Fight Studio’s 8th anniversary, and we celebrated by hosting a day full of exciting fan-focused events. One of the most anticipated features of the day was our reveal of Sam & Max Wave 2 Deluxe Action Figures.

Already one of Boss Fight Studio’s top-selling lines, the first wave of Sam & Max action figures features the “Canine Shamus” and “Rabbity-thing” crime-fighting duo.

The highly articulated line of collectible toys offers multiple heads, hands, and accessories just as wacky as the characters. Also, creator Steve Purcell designed the eye-popping, not-to-be- missed new artwork featured in the packaging.

The next round of Sam & Max figures will include Scuba Max in his wetsuit (complete with alternate heads, hands, and scuba gear) and Ratzo the octopus sidekick.

The Rubber Pants Commandos feature chimp Sergeant Blip, and babies Pip and Zip—each with their own signature weapons.

Pre-orders are scheduled to open soon and the new line is anticipated on shelves towards the end of the calendar year. Check back soon to make sure you reserve yours, and continue the meandering quest for justice with Sam & Max!

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