Pop Culture Action Figures

Highly articulated Popeye action figures by Boss Fight Studio

New! Pop Culture Action Figures

Explore the latest additions to this range featuring your favorite pop-culture action figures—from the beloved Fraggle Rock and Strawberry Shortcake characters our own EPIC H.A.C.K.S Skeletons range!

Our signature high articulation figures not only look great on a shelf, but allow you to pose your figures in imaginative ways.

Fraggle Rock figures stand 3-6 inches and Strawberry Shortcake figures stand 5- 6 inches depending on their accessories, while our EPIC H.A.C.K.S Skeletons are 1:12 scale. 

Popeye The Sailorman

We’re digging deep into the comic strips to deliver Popeye toys like you’ve never seen before!  Authentic styling, super articulation and great accessories— even packing in smaller characters like Swee’ Pea, Eugene The Jeep, and Bernice The Whiffle Hen as bonuses.

Drawing inspiration from the classic Segar comic strips, these action figures—Popeye, Bluto, Olive Oyl, and Caster Oyl—each come with unique accessories. The full line is now available for pre-order in our store

New! Saurozoic Warriors

65 million years ago Earth’s dinosaurs were scientifically advanced far beyond present-day humanity. Their civilization was peaceful, with the goal of understanding the universe and the planet they call home. But this golden age was not to last.

Introducing Saurozoic Warriors—a fun anthropomorphic dinosaur saga just beginning. And so much more to come!

For the story of these heroic dinosaurs, download your free Saurozoic Warriors Special Preview Comic. And pre-order your action figure in our store!

Explore The Umbrella Academy


The hit Netflix show is getting super poseable, super fun action figures! 

You can now explore the full range of highly-articulated Umbrella Academy characters with all of the Boss Fight Studio features you love.

These highly posable 1:18 scale action figures capture the spirit of play with their intricate designs and character-specific accessories.

These exciting figures are available now for pre-order in our store.