First Look at Boss Fight Studio Popeye Figures


“Well Blow Me Down!”

Everyone’s favorite Sailor Man and his crew are finally coming to highly articulated figure form! 

The Popeye Classics figures are some of the most anticipated this year—and we couldn’t wait to share a first look. The paint masters are looking gorgeous! Drawing inspiration from the classic Segar comic strips, these figures are sure to delight all of Popeye’s fans. The 1:12 scale figures stand between 4-6 inches depending on character. Popeye, Olive Oyl, Bluto, and Castor Oyl make up the first wave of figures.

Did you know, this is the first Castor Oyl toy since the 1930s? 

The team has thoroughly enjoyed working on these toys, as it’s a passion project. Boss Fight Partner Andrew Franks has loved Popeye since he was a child. 

“Like so many, I grew up watching the classic Popeye animated cartoons,” he says. “As an adult, I was drawn back to Popeye by E.C. Segar’s brilliant original comic strip. To be able to bring these characters to life as fully poseable toys is a dream.”

We’re digging deep into the comic strips to deliver Popeye toys like you’ve never seen before. Authentic styling, super articulation, and great accessories – we’re even including smaller characters like Swee’ Pea, Eugene The Jeep, and Bernice The Whiffle Hen as bonuses! Pre-order yours now 

Popeye comes ready for action with his spinach can, alternate hands, removable hat, and alternate head for all your play and display needs.

Popeye action figure and accessories by Boss Fight Studio

Olive Oyl comes with Swee’ Pea, removable hat, alternate hands, alternate head, a soft goods fabric skirt, and an alternate Swee’ Pea head for multiple expressions.

Olive Oil and Swee Pea action figures

Bluto is ready for fist pounding action! This gigantic figure comes with a removable hat and alternate hands for all your play and display needs.

Bluto action figure from Boss Fight Studio

Castor Oyl comes with fan favorites Eugene the Jeep and Bernice the Whiffle Hen! In a nod to his many careers, he also comes with 3 removable hats for all your play and display needs.

Castor Oyl action figure