Our Designers

Andrew Franks

Andrew is an Art Director at Boss Fight. His life-long passion for toy design brought him to one of the industry giants where he worked on the largest brands in toys and helped coordinate product line rollouts tied to new entertainment. He left in 2012 and started Boss Fight in 2013. Andrew has contributed to the design of H.A.C.K.S figures and most recently brought the classic comics, Bucky O’Hare and Sam & Max to Boss Fight as their first two licensed product lines.


Catrina Arana

Catrina is an Art Director at Boss Fight. Starting in toy design for an industry giant, she left in 2013 to start Boss Fight with the team. Catrina has led design for many of the H.A.C.K.S. action figures and is currently leading the development of the upcoming I Am Brilliance product line. Known for championing women in STEM careers, I Am Brilliance will launch the first doll line for Boss Fight.

Erik Arana

Erik is an Art Director at Boss Fight. His passion for comics and toys help him make his way into toy design at an industry giant. Leaving with the rest of the team to start Boss Fight in 2013, Erik has led design on many of the H.A.C.K.S. action figures. He also leads design for the Legends of Lucha Libre line, which will be the first action figures created for the pro-wrestling organization.

Fred Aczon

Fred is the 3D Art Director at Boss Fight. His journey started with a portfolio submitted at San Diego Comic Con and has led him through work with major brands, ultimately leading him to start Boss Fight Studio with the rest of the team in 2013. Fred has touched almost every BFS action figure–including the upcoming Flash Gordon figures. As a child of the 80’s Fred has fond memories of the Flash Gordon movie and is excited to be working on this product line. 

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